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Specializing in Bioidentical Hormone Therapy and Wholistic Wellness for Women & Men of All Ages

There is help for you!

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?
Hot Flashes, Fatigue, Stress, PMS, Mood Swings, Bloating, Weight Gain, Headaches, or Low Sex Drive?

Dr. Poppy Daniels specializes in bio-identical hormone therapy for women AND men, women’s health and general gynecology. She diagnoses and treats menstrual and fertility disorders and menopausal symptoms. She offers salivary hormone testing and bio-identical natural hormone therapy. She provides annual well woman exams, pap and HPV testing, and contraceptive counseling as well as holistic prenatal care.

Have you been told that “hormones are bad” or “all hormones are the same”?

While each person is an individual, hormone therapy in the past has been administered in a cookbook fashion, and in the menopausal woman, often based solely on whether a woman has had a hysterectomy or not. Hormonal imbalances in younger women can frequently cause infertility, recurrent miscarriage and preterm birth. Men can have many hormonal imbalances that can really reduce their quality of life. People deserve to know that there is hormonal therapy that is specific to their needs. Dr. Poppy utilizes state of the art saliva hormone testing, often in combination with blood work, to completely evaluate a patient. Treatment is specific to actual deficiencies and consists of natural hormones, usually in trans-dermal (through the skin) form, which are safest for the body.

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