Are you tired of:

  • Having to wait to get into the doctor when you need to?
  • Not having enough time with the doctor to address your needs?
  • Not getting to the bottom of your medical issues?
  • Just getting prescriptions and not getting healthy?
  • Having to go to urgent care or the ER because it’s the weekend?
  • Paying lots of money for insurance that doesn’t seem to cover anything?
  • Not knowing if your problems need a higher acuity of care?

How would you like:

  • Two for the price of one (two doctors)?
  • 24 Hour open access (text, phone, email) to avoid urgent care/ER?
  • An annual visit/exam and follow-ups as you need them?
  • For hormone patients, an annual hormonal visit and hormone testing, plus all your primary care needs?
  • Avoiding insurance companies dictating your primary care, but still be able to use your insurance for labs, paps, imaging if you choose to?
  • To know if and when you should go to the hospital?
  • To avoid unnecessary expenses going to urgent care/ER/hospital if you don’t need to?
  • To get great primary care even if you have a high deductible plan, no insurance or a cost-sharing plan?

How does it work:

  • You pay a monthly fee automatically deducted from a credit card, debit card or checking account or annual fee (10% discount for paying lump sum)
  • You get 24 hour a day, 365 days a year access by your preferred method of contact
  • You get two providers for the price of one (Poppy Daniels, MD, OB/Gyn, Hormone Specialist; Dennis Daniels MD, internal medicine, critical care, pulmonary medicine, sleep medicine)
  • You get your annual visit plus any follow-ups you might need
  • For hormone patients, you get your annual hormone visit plus hormone testing plus any follow-ups you might need for hormone or primary care needs
  • If you need lab work, imaging studies, paps, biopsies or hospitalizations, you can still use your insurance for these things if you choose.
  • If you have no insurance, a high deductible, or cost-sharing plan, we will help you find the best price for any testing you might need.
  • Medicare/Medicaid patients may not be eligible, call for more details.

How much does it cost:

  • For an individual, $1200 a year or $100 a month
  • For two people signing up together, $2200 a year or $165 a month
  • We do not see children in the primary care model unless they are 16 or older
  • Children can be seen for specific hormone, thyroid, or sleep issues “a la carte”, not wellness visits.
  • Think of it as money saved by getting prompt, comprehensive care and guidance to avoid the hospital except when you absolutely need it!

Options for Emergency, Surgical or Catastrophic Care:

Did you know that cost-sharing plans help people avoid the Obamacare penalty without some of the hassels of traditional insurance? Here are websites with more info:

Combining a direct primary care plan with a cost-sharing organization or a high deductible plan/health savings account can often save a lot of health care dollars. A direct primary care plan enables you to pick your primary care provider instead of an insurance company forcing to you go “in network.”