Direct Primary Care/Basic Outpatient Medical Care: Doctors post services & labs with prices online, patients pay online & make an appointment at that time.

Cash/Direct Payment Friendly Practices:

Resources for self-pay lab work: (Life Extension, have to be a member)

Online healthcare bidding:

Surgical procedures:

Help for pts with High Deductible Plans:

Cost-sharing plans:

I am not directly affiliated with any of these websites although I am a member of AAPS (Association of American Physicians & Surgeons).  Many of these websites require a subscription to actively search and some do not. I am not receiving any compensation for mentioning any of these websites and I am not vouching for any of them. I am providing them for educational purposes for researching your own medical needs.  Always remember to search locally because you can often find local practices that are reasonably priced but not listed nationally.

To your health, Dr. Poppy